About Me

Hi this is Anand Kumar,

Welcome to my internet marketing blog, I have set up this blog to help newbie affiliate marketers and also those of the internet marketers who have not been able to see the online success.

As a newbie internet marketer you might be collecting information, following insights and recommendation, gathering pieces of information and putting them together. But you are not able to solve the puzzle because there is so much information, its very difficult to understand how it all converts into income.

I know you might start getting frustrated as you are not seeing any substantial financial gains from your internet marketing efforts. So here in this site I will be focusing on the basics that you need to do in a right way and helping you keep focused  on your goal untill you start generating income. I will truely try to keep it simple.

Once your fundamental of internet marketing becomes strong and you start getting your share of pie, keep focus on a simple strategies that might take long time but are sure success.

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For your Success!

Anand Kumar.